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General School Information

What is the dress code?

All students will be required to wear a standard uniform.

What sports will be offered?

The following sports may be offered depending on student interest and applicable facility/staffing:

  • Cross Country
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Cheerleading
  • Football will not be offered year 1 (2017-2018) – but may be offered in subsequent years depending on student interest

Will the school offer after school clubs?

Yes, the school will offer clubs based on student interest and applicable facility/staffing.

What grade levels will be offered at the high school?

  • 9th/10th grade will be added in 2016/17
  • 11th grade will be added in 2017/18
  • 12th grade will be added in 2018/19

Which grade levels will reside in the high school building?

Sixth through tenth grade will reside in the new high school building in 2016/17. Sixth and seventh grade will be located on the first floor.

Eighth through tenth grade will be located on the second floor.

What other features will the high school building include?

The high school facilities will include a gymnasium, athletic fields, and science labs.

Curriculum and Assessment

What assessments will be required?

Students will participate in:

  • Adaptive benchmark testing three times per year
  • Standardized monthly assessments aligned to grade level standards
  • All state required assessments.

Does this school accommodate children with special needs?

  • We believe that ALL students can learn and take an individualized approach to each student’s education
  • Students with disabilities will be educated in accordance with their IEPs
  • We will provide a continuum of special education services
  • We will follow the same identification, evaluation, placement, and due process procedures as other traditional public schools and follow federal, state and district guidelines pertaining to students with special needs

How many credits will be required to graduate?

In order to graduate with a NC high school diploma, students will be required to earn a minimum of 26 credits.

Which advanced courses will be offered?

The high school is recognized as a Cambridge Academy. Students who are academically ready will have the option to take Cambridge courses at the 9th and 10th grade levels that prepare them for the AS and A level Cambridge courses for college credit at the 11th and 12th grade levels. Students can work toward a Cambridge diploma, recognized across the nation and internationally as an academically advanced diploma, or take Cambridge courses for independent college credits. Visit the Cambridge website for more information.

Will the high school offer additional diploma endorsements?

The school will offer a Career Endorsement, College Endorsement, and the North Carolina Academic Scholars Endorsement. The specific career clusters offered for the career endorsement will depend on student interest and applicable facility/staffing.